Hereby the Board of Directors of the Company informs that considering the Covid–19 pandemic in order to protect health of the Company’s shareholders, employees and society as a whole, an Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of AS “Rīgas kuģu būvētava” will be held on December 28th, 2020 at 13.00 o’clock, but only distantly.
The Company encourages the shareholders to apply for participation in the meeting by sending the application in free form to e–mail address: sapulce@riga–, and those shareholders who have applied for participation in the meeting on its e–mails will receive a link for participation in the meeting.
The Company kindly request the shareholders who will participate in the meeting distantly in the day of the meeting after its closing without delay to send completed and signed electronically with the secure electronic signature voting form to the Company’s e–mail address: sapulce@riga– In such voting will be considered all duly received votes received by the Company on December 28th, 2020.
Voting procedure for shareholders who has voted prior to the shareholders’ meeting remains effective and voting will be registered according to the procedure established before.

The Board of Directors of AS „Rīgas kuģu būvētava”