In order to efficiently use available workforce, JSC “Rigas kugu buvetava” (Riga Shipyard) will be trying to acquire more shipbuilding projects, said Janis Skvarnovics, Chairman of the Board of Riga Shipyard. One of the oldest and most experienced factories in Latvia – Riga Shipyard, is working without cease this winter season, and is trying to expand the range of provided services not only in ship repair, but also in new ship hull building.

“Last year we finished building two ship hulls for our clients – one in spring and second in autumn, as well as did a vessel lengthening, which is one of the forms of conversions. This March we plan to hand another ship hull for a client, which at the moment, is almost completed. We hope, that this year we will sign a contract for building a turn-key vessel”, stated Janis Skvarnovics.

The company is mostly repairing vessels for various ship owners who navigate not only in European Union waters, but also in the ocean, which route destination is located in Baltic Sea. “If the vessel is navigating in Baltic Sea, its owner makes a decision to either repair the vessel in Tallinn, Riga, Klaipeda or one of the Poland shipyards. There is a very fierce competition between shipyards in the ship repair market. Consequently, we have to be as appealing as we can with our prices, time schedules and able to offer repair exactly the time that ships are required. And, of course, the quality of our work. If we can meet those requirements, then we can consider ourselves competitive in said market”, explains Janis Skvarnovics.

Riga Shipyard is currently working on different types of technological works for partners, including metal constructions, to ensure maximum workforce capacity utilization of the company. Currently shipyard is working on a project, which intends to produce coils for industrial ropes. They are a necessity to vessels, oil rigs, and elsewhere.