Metal Constructions

Riga Shipyard has all necessary resources for the production of steel, stainless steel and aluminum constructions.

Cutting, assembly, and welding of constructions is done in the shipbuilding workshop, its area is more than 11’000 m, and 70% of which consist of assembly beds; the largest bed is ca.750m.

The following equipment is available for flat metal cutting:

  • laser cutting machine, table dimensions 2.4mX8.0 m, maximum thickness of flat metal – 120mm;
  • plasma cutting machine, table dimensions 2.5 m X 17.0 m, maximum thickness up to 20mm, high quality of cut edges.

Technological equipment of the workshop allows to straighten and bend flat and profile blanks, and process edges for welding.

The workshop is equipped with bridge cranes capacity of which is 20t and 80t, dimensions of the doorway gate are 13mX10m. Constructions are transported by truck of 100mt capacity.

«LINCOLN», «ESAB», and «KEMPPI» welding equipment provides high-quality welds being tested by non-destructive tests of color defectoscopy, ultrasonic, and x-rays.

Riga Shipyard provides cleaning of metal surfaces by abrasive shot blasting method and priming and painting in accordance with customer’s requirements.

Pipeline workshop is equipped with the technological equipment for cutting, bending, and welding of pipes with a diameter up to 300mm and wall thickness up to 6mm.

The shipyard provides turning and milling of the blanks.

The largest turning machine can handle parts up to 14 meters in length and diameter up to 2 m, weighing up to 50 tons, the milling machine can handle blanks with the following dimensions:

  • length – 1.1m,
  • width – 0.34m,
  • height – 0.63m,
  • weight – 1.5t.

Riga Shipyard has railway branch equipped with two cranes with lifting capacity of 10 tons each. The berths are equipped with cranes with lifting capacity of 32 tons, a floating cranes’ lifting capacity is 24t and 100t.

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