On 8th of May 2015, Bureau Veritas issued the JSC “Riga Shipyard” factory production control certificate attesting compliance with steel and aluminum structural element welding standard EN 1090-2 + A1:2011. One of the most popular Riga shipyard types of services are metal constructions. It is an integral part of ship repair and shipbuilding. This certificate will open the doors to a wider range of orders and new opportunities.

This year Riga shipyard has fully accomodated 22 ships with repair services. At the moment there are 6 vessels being simultaneously repaired. This year the factory has been very prolific in terms of both the ship repair and shipbuilding. Recently delivered fishing trawler “Western Viking” hull is the second this year in the list of hulls built. In addition Riga Shipyard is actively working on a research vessels hull which is meant for underwater fauna exploration for one of the Danish universities. This project launching is scheduled for late summer. More information will be disclosed towards the launching date.

Bureau veritas Latvia certificate 1697-CPR-1514